Easy To Use


Log In page


There are three types of users. Basic, Admin and Super admin. A User has to log in so as to interact with the system. If a user is logged in for a long time without any activity, the system logs them out automaticaly.



The Dashboard contains the general information regarding sales and stock. It also displays various stats and analytics which can help in decision making.

It displays the following:
  • Totals sales of the day
  • Total Earnings of the day
  • Total Transactions
  • Total Items in stock
  • Analytics

Some of the analytics displayed include Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Earnings Overview, Payment Method pie chart, products with Highest/Lowest demand and many more as shown below.




This section contains all the transactions, the dates and time they were carried out, the person who did the transaction, amount, number of items and the receipt number.

Based on the transactions, you can generate reports by specifying the start(from) to end(to) dates. You can also filter or search specific transaction.

New Transaction/Sale


This section provides the interface for recording a new transaction/sale.

Stock/Inventory Items


This section provides the admin with an interface to manage stock/inventory Items (add, edit, update and delete). It also shows the total worth of stock and total amount of earnings on each item.

The following images shows the interfaces for adding, updating and editing respectively.

User Management


This sections provides the Admin with the interface for managing other users. The admin can add users, activate/deactivate their accounts, edit user details or delete the users.