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About us

Experts In All Aspects

We are a team of creative professionals who love partnering with various people and businesses to help them achieve their goals. we are striving to evolve and position ourself as a leading; progressive; competitive; reliable and efficient enterprise in the country. We intended on offering our clients the ultimate satisfactory services, economically viable and at a competitive price.

Our Mission

Our mission at KOTY Enterprise is providing individuals, small and medium businesses with the best tailored solutions that meets their requirements and business functionalities by offering a unique design experience and approaches.

Our Services

We are a team of creative professionals who love partnering with various people and businesses to help them achieve their goals.

Web Design

We offer custom Web design tailored to your needs. We have a team of skilled web designers who can build any type of website. Be it personal or commercial blogs, corporate websites, e-commerce sites, etc. We also do customizations on existing wordpress sites.

Graphics Design

Let your Brand stand out among the Rest. We can handle all your corporate branding needs. We do logo design, Flyers, Bronchures, Banners, business cards, branded T-shirts etc. Give us the vision of what you want and we will actualize it for you. Stand out and be seen.

Repair & Maintainance

Bring your gadget back to life. We offer professional computer repair and maintenance services. Our services range from one-off repairs to annual maintenance contracts that are tailored for individual person, micro enterprises and large organizations.

Our Process

We follow these necessary steps so as to understand all these aspects of you business, in order to create a strategy and solutions that works exactly for you.

1. Discovery

We begin our process by first asking the tough questions about your business, these questions include: What are your goals and objectives? Who are your target audience?

2. Brainstorming

Once we understand who you are, the next step is to create a strategy that will help us achieve your goals. Our team of experts will work together to create an accurate plan that works exactly for you.

3. Development

Our team will creatively develop solutions and bring every idea to life. Creative design, content development and web design will be integrated into one solution that aligns with your goals and objectives.

4. Delivery

At this point, we are ready to roll-out and everything is carefully reviewed and tested. We present our solution to the client ready to answer questions and take any recommendations that might be made before launch.

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